Join hosts Jayson Woodward and Conley Rasor as they explore the stories, characters, and adventures from some of the most amazing people from the Big Bend region. 

Big Bend is located on the border of Mexico in far west Texas.  Named by locals as "The Last Frontier," Big Bend hosts many untold stories that you can experience along side the voices who tell them.

Traveling to Big Bend?  Whispers of the Big Bend makes for the perfect riding companion.  Join us as we interview the amazing individuals that make this region truly special.  


Growing Up in the Big Bend with Marcus Pepper

Lost Mines, Chili Cookoffs, and camping under the stars, Marcus Pepper has done it all. Growing up in Terlingua, a true frontier where water is scarce and survival skills are essential Marcus Pepper reminisces to Jayson Woodward and Conley Rasor, the daily adventure of living in Big Bend of Texas. Terlingua has a rich history that is unknown to the outside world and Marcus Pepper takes us on a trip through his childhood and young adult years in the true frontier of Texas, the Big Bend. 

High Desert Highways of Wisdom with Ben English

Ben H. English is an accomplished author, an eighth-generation Texan, and was raised mostly in the Big Bend area and attended a one room schoolhouse in Terlingua. He served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years, taught a Criminal Justice program at the high school level and retired after 22 years as a trooper in the Texas Highway Patrol. Currently, he lives in Alpine and writes on a variety of subjects.

Terlingua Chili Cookoff and Desert Aviation with Billy Pat McKinney and Glen Pepper

In this episode of Whispers of the Big Bend, Jayson Woodward and Conley Rasor are joined by pilots Billy Pat McKinney and Glen Pepper. The conversation covers a range of topics, including their experiences flying planes in desert environments and their memories of the early days of the Chili Cook-off in Terlingua. Throughout the episode, Billy Pat and Glen share intriguing stories from their careers as pilots.

The History of Alpine Texas with Sara Bow Gluck and Ann Finney

In this episode of Whispers of the Big Bend, Jayson Woodward and Conley Rasor sit down with Sara Bow Gluck and Ann Finney to discuss their experiences living in Alpine and the Big Bend Area. Throughout the conversation, Sara and Ann share their adventures, from reminiscing about the filming of James Dean's Giant to their experiences providing healthcare to residents of Big Bend. Listeners are treated to a variety of captivating stories from these two fascinating women.

Adventuring the Big Bend Frontier with Ken and Pam Clouse

Join Jayson and Conley as they sit down with Ken and Pam Clouse, who share their fascinating stories about their deep connection to the Big Bend region. From their experiences in law enforcement and piloting to their careers in real estate brokering, Ken and Pam offer a wealth of insights into the essence of this unique part of the world. This episode of Whispers of the Big Bend is sure to leave a lasting impact, as listeners are treated to a variety of entertaining and enlightening tales.